Wednesday 15 June 2011

A bit of a hello and a bit about not letting the internet consume you


Welcome to a place of perspective, presence and an attempt at inspiration.  A place which hopes to encourage your personal growth and involvement or eventual creation of something special.

Though I’m exposed to and have been told on a number of occasions I perhaps have specific creative talents, technical expertise or boardroom know-how; I can’t claim to offer you any of them explicitly.  I don’t plan on providing a meta-search service of all things Internet, you can surf for what you want faster than I can and I won’t expend my effort staying ahead of viral Internet data.  From time to time I might Curate from the Internet items and concepts that when put in the right perspective and considered when you are truly ‘present’ have great potential to tap your lingering inspiration.

My goal (we’re supposed to have goals to ensure we have direction and can quantify success so I’ve been told) is to inspire you as I have been inspired, to encourage you to take a step back and consider, be true to yourself and create (aka have fun and live your life to it’s fullest).

As you likely do, I consume significant amounts of ‘Internet’ in any given hour/day/week/month; it’s almost a great past-time and you can’t argue that it entices the mind to interpret great concepts and run wild with imagination and creativity, but it’s 99.9% the imagination and creativity of others.  That’s all well and good but if you don’ take anything from the experience and do NOTHING other than forward a couple funny YouTube links the Internet has consumed you.

One of my best friends over at White Pine Media stopped surfing the Internet for this exact reason, it was consuming him and he was producing nothing.

Ever spent 3 hours surfing and can’t recall what you looked at?  Wasted.  Consider spending 3 hours surfing and when you do find something that perks your interest try this;

Consider what you want from it.
Take a deep breath.
Enjoy it.
Be true to yourself and consider if you’ll use it.
If not move on.
If you think you can use it, brainstorm, take an extra 30 seconds and enjoy the possibilities.

Perhaps try and keep a list (not necessarily a physical list!) of lingering things, solutions or activities you want to try - consider them when you are consuming the Internet.

My current (short) list?

- Make my new bedroom an individual place I enjoy and appreciate in detail
- Create a unique outdoor area on my apartments large city-view balcony
- Become an even better speaker and presenter
- Take more interesting photographs (yes a bit open ended...)

This may sound elementary but it’s a simple step in being more present and enriching your life and what you offer the people around you.

Enjoy and see you soon